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About Us

Western States Alliance (WSA) is a project of the Pollution Prevention Resource Center that helps professionals identify and implement best practices in Fats, Oils, and Greases (FOG) management.


We are a membership organization of FOG professionals from across the United States. Click here to check out our staff bios on


Our vision is to be a comprehensive source of knowledge and assistance to advance technologies and best management practices, conserve resources, and derive the most value from FOG while prohibiting its damaging effects in the wastewater system.

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Conferences & Workshops

We offer two FOG related technical training conferences each year: The FOG Forum & the Pacific Northwest Pretreatment Workshop.  Both events offer immersive training, program development and implementation sessions, and many opportunities for networking with your peers.

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FOG Abatement Training

With funding from the USDA, we provide both virtual and in-person trainings to help small rural communities and those who serve them. The trainings focus on building the business case for your program, program implementation and emerging chemicals of concern. 

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National Resource Reference Guide

Our National Reference Resource Guide is a “one-stop” shop to learn about FOG, its value as a resource, its problems in sewer conveyance lines, its contribution to sanitary sewer overflows, its cost of treatment, and how you can establish or enhance a FOG Abatement program. 

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