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The 2022 FOG Forum 

The 2022 FOG Forum was held May 25 & 26 and June 1 & 2. At the close of this year’s Forum, all attendees were sent links to view the recorded sessions.  If you were not able to attend this year, or if you want to (re)view a specific presentation, here is what we have collected:

Modern trends in FOG Program Management Regulations – Ken Loucks

Using Revolving Funds and Grants to Address SSO’s – Michael Goralczyk

FOG Abatement Training Update – Ed Gonzalez

Removing FOG from the Waste Stream – Angela Walker

Energy Recovery Case Study – Jacob Corum

Greasezilla: Turn-key System to Separate FOG – Brian Levine

Case Study for New Cooperative FOG program – Kimberly Cole

How Jurisdictions can Work Together – Hannah Allen

IAPMO and FOG related issues – Jed Scheuermann

The Value of Retrofitting all Fixture and Drains – Vince Chavez

Regulating and Inspecting Food Vendors – Sharon Spires

Equipment that Shreds Non-Flushable Wipes – Steve Wallace

Instructional Videos/Resources on the WSA Website – Mikey Strauhal

FOG from Mobile Food Trucks – Jill Hoyenga

Houston’s Coordinated Approach to SSO Prevention – Lacie Ulrich & Funsho Sekoni


Removal of FOG from Vent Hoods/Filter Exchange – James Luebke

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