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The 2022 PNPW

Speaker Presentations: ​

Al Garcia – EPA Update

Joy Ramirez – Establishing Legal Authority

Rashi Gupta – The Latest on PFAS and Biosolids

Maia Hoffman – Making a Categorical Determination

Angela Walker – Pretreatment Program Development

Mia Pan – Oregon DEQ Update

Julie Dufresne – Conducting an Industrial User Survey

Al Garcia – Implementing/Updating an Enforcement Response Plan

Region 8 ERP Checklist                     SIU SMR Checklist

Josh Ballantine – Establishing Flexible Local Limits

Rob Greer and Luke Rahn – Clean Sampling Technique

John Hiltrop – Developing a High Strength Waste Surcharge Program

Leah Rohan – A City With a Drink(ing) Problem

Steve Anderson – Implementation of Telemetered, Continuous Water Quality Sensors

Al Garcia – PFAS in Pretreatment

Morgan Crowell – Sampling, Monitoring and Pretreatment Perfection

Stephanie Kerns – Brewery Enforcement Case Study

Angela Walker – Obstacles to Achieving a Successful Industrial Pretreatment Program

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