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Preferred Pumper Program

 The Western States Alliance goal is to create consistent quality standards for customers, companies and municipalities using Oregon’s Preferred Pumper Program (PPP) as a model.  The Preferred Pumper Program is for grease trap/interceptor pump-out companies that meet certain criteria established by regional municipalities.

Utilizing standardized cleaning and inspection procedures increases the likelihood that grease interceptors are cleaned correctly, reducing the release of fats, oils and grease (FOG) into the sewer system.  The program includes:

  • Training on Cleaning – To help member companies clarify the grease removal device cleaning standards of the PPP.

  • Training on Inspection – to educate food service establishments, property owners and property managers on the cleaning standards and what to look for to ensure proper service is rendered.

The PPP includes standards for a Hydro-mechanical Grease Interceptor (HGI) and standards for a Gravity Grease Interceptor (GGI).

Check out our helpful training videos below!  We cover how to start a PPP, HGI pumping and cleaning standards, as well as GGI pumping and cleaning standards.

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