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The Sewer Use Ordinance

This page is a resource for Municipalities that need to implement or want to enhance their Sewer Use Ordinance (SUO).  Factors that should be regulated in a sewer use ordinance include:

  1. Designate who is responsible for enforcement.

  2. Define the area that the ordinance governs.

  3. Define the type of buildings that are affected.

  4. Explain the consequences for not following the ordinance.

  5. Give provisions for private wastewater disposal.

  6. Define policy for building sewers and connections.

  7. Give provisions for public usage of sewers.

  8. Define parameters for metals and other harmful contaminants.

  9. Define misuse and abuse.

  10. Define the authority of the inspectors of the sewers.

  11. Explain the penalties associated with violations of the ordinance.

  12. Define fats, oils and grease programs and their provisions


Below are some model sewer use ordinances that can be used to create or enhance a sewer use ordinance. Keep in mind when reviewing these that plumbing and building codes may vary, particularly from state-to-state.

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